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The heartbeat of Radiance International is Worship, Prayer, and Family. We believe our prayers have powerfully shifted the atmosphere in Hollywood since 2010 - and now the Kingdom of God is at hand to impact TV, Film, Music, and Media.

We are in a time of major shifting in Hollywood. In the last few years - God has started tearing down the structures of old and is raising up a new expression to this generation. Those that are Kingdom minded are going from hidden places to high places. Influencers are being touched by the Love and Power of God. Great transformation is taking place - and WORSHIP & PRAYER continues to be the centerpiece of this great turnaround. 

Radiance International is committed to partnering with God in this hour. As we step into 2021 - our hearts are full of faith that out of Chaos comes Christianity as the Bible shares it. 

Night watch hours are led by Radiance Staff. 

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